Presenture is a national foodservice sales agency that evolved from our Texas-based food brokerage company, Maher Marketing Services (MMS), which was founded in 1988. In 1990, MMS began assisting small foodservice manufacturers by developing and maintaining headquarter supplier relationships with the largest foodservice distributor in the nation. A marketing component was soon added to these services followed by strategic planning and positioning.

After much success and realizing the significant voids small and mid-size manufacturers face when attempting to take their products to market in foodservice, Presenture was formed in 2009 as a direct solution to this problem. Our 25 plus years in the foodservice arena have enabled us to level the playing field for small and mid-size manufacturers alongside their larger manufacturing counterparts when getting their products to market.

Our Values

A business without values lacks direction. Based on this belief, our core values guide our decision making process and conduct. Practicing our values not only benefits our clients and associates, but our community as well.

As a value-driven company, we create positive relationships and quality results by:

Presenture values

Valuing Our Associates

Treating one another with respect is only the beginning. Respect also means recognizing individuals for their ideas and creativity and celebrating their diverse beliefs and backgrounds. Part of showing respect involves clear communication through transparent expectations and constructive feedback that’s honest and fearless.

Delivering Customer Satisfaction

We value our customers and manufacturer-clients. We show this by appreciating and understanding their expectations and goals in order to provide distinctive service and measurable results.

Regarding Manufacturer-Clients as Team Members

Our team is more than our employees; it includes our manufacturer-clients and customers. As part of our team, they receive the same respect and consideration, including clear communication and honest feedback on products and performance.

Being Accountable for Our Work

We take ownership of the quality of our work. Providing superior products and services means continually improving knowledge, skill-sets, and efficiency, both as individuals and a company.

Demonstrating Integrity

We ensure the highest-quality services and products through the most ethical and lawful means, making us responsible, reliable, and truthful.

Providing Leadership

Strong and effective leadership involves embracing the collective talent of our team and adapting an ever-changing marketplace. By having the courage to challenge the status quo and maximizing our abilities to their fullest potential, we can provide innovative and personalized solutions for our manufacturer-clients and customers.

Creating Fun Environments

While we provide a work environment designed to challenge and encourage our team, we also recognize that happiness is an essential ingredient for reaching excellence. After all, the best work comes from a healthy dose of fun.

Team Members

Our employees are our livelihood. Presenture would not exist without their extensive sales and foodservice backgrounds, strong relationship building capabilities, and dedicated focus to our small and mid-size manufacturer-clients.

Mike Maher

Michael O.

CEO & Founder

Peter Costner


Vice President of Sales



National Sales Manager

Venus Scheuber


Director of Business Development



Director of Business Development

Andy Buttacavoli


Key Accounts Specialist

April Spears


Vice President of Marketing

Phung Can


Vice President of Finance and Administration

Linh Tran


Vice President of Operations

Melissa Mendell


Category Manager

Kim Willis


Business Development Coordinator

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